Thunder Thighs? Or Daughter of the King?

I just noticed the tag on the swimsuit I recently bought. I am a little embarrassed. A little amused. A bit shocked and a LOT sad that this marketing actually works! And I am ANGRY that the world continues to lie to us and we women continue to fall for it! And yes. I’m also grateful and relieved that I didn’t read the tag until after I bought the suit. If I had, I might have given in to the lies and while it would not have changed anything in my outward appearance, it most certainly could have changed something inwardly.

I could have believed the lie that I have to cover up because I have “thunder thighs.” I could have believed that I must cover up my less than model perfect body because it is unattractive. I could have fallen for the lie that I am not beautiful. These are lies that I have always believed and I still struggle to not believe them. I still often forget to look at myself through YHVH’s eyes. So today I am moving forward and asking Him to teach me to look at the whole world (yes, even myself) with His eyes. And yes, I will still cover up. I will cover up because I am beautiful, because I belong to YHVH and my husband. And those two relationships are precious! Like rubies. And we guard and protect treasured things so why would we not guard and protect treasured relationships?

When we share something special with one special person, it is beautiful! When we begin sharing that treasured thing with everyone, it becomes common and ordinary. I don’t want my relationship with my Elohim (God) or with my husband to be common and ordinary. Both are truly set apart and holy and should be treated as such. And maybe, just maybe I will begin to see myself as YHVH sees me, as a beautiful daughter of the Most High.

Todah for reading and Shalom,