Progress Not Perfection

I love this blog that my dear, sweet friend writes and I especially love this post!!! I am so proud of you Bekah! Progress, not perfection!

Living and Eating For Wellness

progressMy one dear friend has threatened (in a loving way of course, lol) to make a wall hanging for me that says, “Progress Not Perfection”. She knows me all too well. I am a perfectionist by nature, very black and white and find it very challenging to stay balanced in things. For instance, I am prone to either doing massive housework in a day or none at all. Its really insane when I think of it, but its the way I am wired I suppose and I am working hard on it. Thankfully in the area of faith my one elder has helped me tremendously to realize that I can allow others to have varying views without freaking out on them, lol. However, I want to talk about healthy eating and exercise on this particular post since this site about healthy living.

I have spent years struggling with weight and…

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