30 Days of Head Covering-Day 5

Today we went and visited my grandmother, yes my childrens’ great grandmother, in the nursing home. It was wonderful seeing her again this week. She has pneumonia though so prayers for her healing are appreciated. After visiting with her we spent time with Hubby’s Dad, paternal grandmother and most of that side of the family. So our kids got to visit with both of their living Great Grandmothers tonight. I wish I had taken pictures with Hubby’s family but I got busy with the kids and forgot. Anyway here is one of me and my Mawmaw.


I wore my Lakeshire Bliss from Wrapunzel with my Wrapunzel volumizer and my new Sari scarf. I’m not going to tell you anymore that I wore my No-Slip Velvet Headband because I wear it every day. It would be sort of like telling you that I wore a bra or underwear. Sort of redundant. Of course I wore all of the above. Duh.


Todah for reading and Shalom,

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