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Blogging Ideas

YHWH send your Ruach to guide and inspire me. Give me your words. What would you have me write about each day?

Scripture Sunday- scriptures I plan to study this week.
Modesty Monday – outfits, coverings, etc
Torah Tuesday – what I’m learning from Torah
Word study Wednesday – word of the week, What I’m Reading
Thoughtful Thursday – thoughts for the week, prayer, study, etc.
Fruitful Friday – being fruitful, quiverful, large family living, home birth, homeschool, baby wearing, cloth diapers, nursing,
Set Apart Saturday- living set apart, holy lives

Wrapunzel giveaway!

Why do I love covering my hair? Because I really felt the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit)calling me to this. As I began to study it and pray about it I realized it was something I could and should just do because YHWH has asked me to. I have obeyed Him before and found only joy and freedom. Shortly after I began covering I discovered the joy in Keeping Torah. I also simultaneously began a new walk in respecting and loving my husband. So for me covering my hair represents all of those things. Its as if each scarf, sash and ribbon represents to me the beauty of complete obedience to YHWH (in the fullness of His old Testament and New Testament), a new life style for me in His Torah and a new level of respect and intimacy with my husband all twisted in within the folds of the beautiful tichels. I ❤ covering my hair!